Bullfighting banned in Ecuador

Bullfighting ring

Arenas will soon be empty in Ecuador after a vote in favour of a bullfighting ban.

In a national referendum a majority of people in Ecuador voted for a ban on bullfighting, ending a 500 year-old tradition, the Irish Times reports.

Voters on 7 May 2011 were also asked to decide on a number of measures introduced my President Rafael Correa, including banning cock fighting and casino gambling.

Bullfighting, widely seen as an elite past time choice and a European tradition, was mainly opposed by the country’s indigenous majority.

Following the example of Cuenca, the third largest city that banned the spectacle in 2004, bullfighting will only be allowed if the bull is not killed. This is also known as the ‘Portuguese style’.


About Florian Leppla

A campaigner against bullfighting
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3 Responses to Bullfighting banned in Ecuador

  1. Jaysee Costa says:

    I’m afraid the Irish Times article has many errors which have been passed to this piece. Perhaps the most important is that bullfighting has not been banned in Ecuador, and although the referendum was favorable to the anti-bullfighting movement in some regards, it was not in others. Both pro and anti bullfighting supporters claim victory regarding the referendum, and the situation is now very complex which may have many different outcomes, from an actual ban in a few years time to no change at all. To understand the current status quo post referendum, this article explains it in detail: http://quaker-animals.co.uk/?p=2650
    The other error is about cockfighting, since the referendum did not include it, and nothing will change because of the vote.
    The other error is about the indigenous population, which voted against the ban, not in favour of it.
    So, unfortunately, bullfighting and cockfighting have not been banned in Ecuador yet, but some steps in that direction have been made regarding the former, although we are still quite far from achieve that goal.

  2. florian107 says:

    Thanks for the clarification Jaysee. Appreciate it.

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