India bans bullfighting

The Indian Government has effectively banned bullfighting by adding bulls to a list of protected species in animal welfare legislation, the news blog reports.


Sunbathing Bull. Goa, India

The Environment Ministry added bulls to a list in the Prevention of Cruelty Act 1960 which prevents their use for entertainment such as the bullfights in the Goa region, south west India.

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations called the decision a ‘landmark ruling’.

The Goa style bullfights (dhirio) were legalised only in 2009 by the regional assembly amending the 1960 Act.

The decision outlaws also bullfighting events such as jallikattu (bull wrestling) and the rekla races held in the south. 


About Florian Leppla

A campaigner against bullfighting
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3 Responses to India bans bullfighting

  1. pat clements says:

    Didn’t know about the bull fighting there but this is brilliant news. The Canary Islands banned it years ago, more recently Catalonia, now prayers for every single place to do so. Its cruel, barbaric and totally unnecessary. I am pushing for any tourist visiting to boycott these events. Same old story, as long as it makes money they will do it so hit them in the pocket HARD please.

  2. Dawn says:

    Glad it was finally banned!

  3. a great step forward,thank you india.

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