No more death in the afternoon: Sunday saw Catalonia’s last bullfight

When the international press covers bullfighting it is usually sad news. They run slide shows depicting horrible killing scenes in the arena, cruel fiestas such as the Toro de la Vega or the announcement of the Spanish Government giving bullfighting a cultural status.

Bullfighting in Madrid

No more! Bullfighting in Catalonia ended in Barcelona's La Monumental last Sunday

Not this time. The bullfighting season in Barcelona ended on Sunday and with it the the gruesome spectacle altogether. In July 2010 the Catalan Parliament voted in favour of bullfight ban which comes into for on 1 January 2012.

Some quotes from the papers.

Fiona Govan writes in the Telegraph that the number of people attending bullfights has been in decline for a long time in Catalonia. Organisers struggled to fill a third of the seats and make a living from the ticket sale.

Alice Tozer for news agency Reuters also looks at the economic future for the corrida in Spain:

Its popularity is dwindling in Spain, although it retains loyal followings in Andalusia, Madrid, the Basque country and some other parts of the country as well as southwest France. Corridas are increasingly poorly attended and Spain’s severe economic problems have also hit the industry.

While Charles Tremlett in the Guardian started off monumentally: “It was the end of more than 600 years of history. On Sunday evening, amid the cheers of fans and the bloody death throes of fighting bulls, Barcelona hosted its last-ever bullfight.”

Looking at the political arguments for the ban, the BBC‘s Sarah Rainsford stressed that “dwindling support is one reason the regional parliament voted in favour of banning the corrida […] [and] there is also a growing awareness of animal rights and, crucially, the desire of Catalan nationalists to distinguish the region from the rest of Spain and its traditions.”

Barcelona will survive the ban, in fact, I am certain, it will profit from it. Just look at Las Arenas, the former bull ring at Place d’Espagna that is now a stunning shopping mall designed by British architect Richard Rogers.

In closing and wanted to reply to Carlos Nunez, president of the Mesa del Toro, and others who see their civil liberties infringed by the ban. There is no right to kill animals for fun. It is as simple as that. 


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3 Responses to No more death in the afternoon: Sunday saw Catalonia’s last bullfight

  1. john says:

    Thats too bad. Bullfights are awesome…… I swear animal rights people screw up anything fun.

  2. Arsitóntoles says:

    We all get pleasure by killing animals. The only difference between the person who enjoys bullfighti­ng, a steak, a scenic drive or the company of his/her dog is the higher or lower degree of separation between the moment in which the pleasure is produced and the death of an animal happens. Condemning bullfighti­ng, but approving the other activities is either hypocrisy or living in denial. If you enjoy a steak, you can only obtain that pleasure because an animal has died (a terrible death, by the way). I’m not talking here about basic feeding needs. I’m talking about a satisfying culinary experience­. If you know that you are going to kill animals (insects for sure, maybe others) by taking a beautiful scenic drive, but you take the drive anyway, then you are intentiona­lly killing animals for the pleasure of a scenic drive. There’s no accident in that. If you want to have the pleasure and comfort of a dog’s company, you know that animals are going to die so that you can feed the dog (or cat) that gives you pleasure.

  3. I think you are insulting a lot of people, especially readers of this blog, by saying that ‘we all’ enjoy killing animals. It’s not true of course. What you then say is an extended, yet rather weirdly poetic, version of the usual aficionado blabla along the lines of ‘the last 15 minutes of the bull’s are a bit unpleasant, yes, but it had a beautiful live for four years.’ I don’t deny the four years, but the quick death is a myth and I and many others have documented this at length.

    And who said anything about approving ‘the other activities’, by which I suppose you mean slaughter. What do you say to vegetarians? Vegans?

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