Did Matt Damon enjoy the bullfight he went to see in Mexico City?

Matt Damon 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

Matt Damon 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) by nicogenin

Why anyone would attend a bullfight just to find out ‘how it really is’ is beyond me. Just watch a clip or two on Youtube and you have a pretty good idea.

Maybe someone should have told Matt Damon that and he might have abstained from attending a bullfight at La Monumental arena in Mexico City.

I wonder why he went. If you take a loot at the pictures of a UK tabloid, he wasn’t even interested in the gruesome action in the arena.

Obviously it is up to him how he spends his spare time – he currently is in town to shoot a movie. But why on earth does it have to be bullfighting? If he does not seem to be interested in it anyway? That is just what the fierce bullfighting industry is looking for, free PR from celebrities.

I suggest Mr Damon finds an alternative past time for his filming breaks. How about the actual favourite Mexican past football? Or the number two boxing? Or if he is really into fighting, lucha libre, the Mexican wrestling.

If you got a minute drop  Matt Damon’s agents William Morris Endeavor Entertainment in Beverly Hills a line, pwhitesell@wmeentertainment.com, and suggest what he could do instead of  bullfighting.


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A campaigner against bullfighting
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5 Responses to Did Matt Damon enjoy the bullfight he went to see in Mexico City?

  1. he was really excited about it in the photos i saw. he’s now on my list, along with william fichtner.

  2. Yes, seems that way. He was probably caught off guard when he was yawning. Or he just didn’t care. Anyway, what I can’t get my head around is that he founded a charity, water.org, and is obviously sensitive re charitable causes. It’s really weird that this did not make him think twice when he entered that arena…

  3. Pam says:

    Nahh – I reckon he’s just another shallow, empty-headed “celebrity” with very little in the way of sensitivity or compassion . The charity is obviously a P.R exercise – or else he’s one of these cretins who thinks that animals don’t matter…..

    • cabeachmom says:

      Though I am against animal abuse of any kind, I would not call Matt an empty-headed celebrity of the Paris Hilton level. Who knows why he was actually there. We have enough animal abuse issues right here in the good ole USA to comment and fight about. We slaughter more animals for consumption that any other country…and we don’t do it humanely. Shame on us…Matt, go protest a factory farm.

  4. Why on earth would Matt Damon want to see an innocent animal be tortured and then cruely killed??? You cannot tell me that he is not aware of the horrendous cruelty of bull fighting!!!!

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