Please vote for a bullfighting ban on

Bullfighting in Madrid

Bullfighting in Madrid. At Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid by George M. Groutas

I normally don’t worry too much about opinion polls, especially not if there are random and appear in celeb magazines. But I got slightly worried when I saw that the ‘Should bullfighting be banned?’ poll on the influential US gossip site got 91 percent ‘No’ votes.

Please visit the site now and help reverse that (preliminary) result. And if you have, please tell your friends and family. And circulate the link to the BBB blog.

I know we cannot vote on every poll out there, but it would send an important message if we turned this one around.


About Florian Leppla

A campaigner against bullfighting
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3 Responses to Please vote for a bullfighting ban on

  1. christiane page says:

    stop Ă  la barbarie !!!!

  2. Rae Ellingham says:

    End this cruel activity!

    Terminar con la tauromaquia!

  3. Calvin says:

    Stop this ignorance if they want to fight something let them fight prisoners.

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