New Madrid mayor cheats to fulfil EU criteria and supports bullfighting

La crew de Cuenca

Okay, it is a mask, but I couldn't get a photo of her.

Ana Botella has just started her new job as mayor of Spain’s capital Madrid. Surely a good thing, was my first reaction. Mind you, she is the first female mayor in the history of the city! She might stir up the macho culture in the bullfighting business a bit. But then, I found this: Ms Botella has been photographed at a recent bullfight at the Feria de San Isidro.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise as Madrid, alongside Andalusia, is the main bullfighting region and the PP has been a staunch supporter of the blood sport. 

Also, the wife of ex Prime Minister, José María Aznar, is from the right wing of the People’s Party and that is not a good sign for anti-bullfighting campaigners or indeed for the bulls.

The good news, if you like, is that she will not have much time or money for las ventas 15bullfighting issues, Madrid’s debt amount to 6.3bn Euros, most of which stems from the unsuccessful 2012 Olympic bid. Yet some actions she has already taken since in office are slightly worrying. Madrid suffers from bad air quality and has struggled to achieve the EU benchmarks. So, the mayor had the air monitoring stations moved from the inner city to the much cleaner outskirts.

I don’t know what the EU officials think about this, but I would call it cheating.


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2 Responses to New Madrid mayor cheats to fulfil EU criteria and supports bullfighting

  1. linda badham says:

    well shes showing what shes really like , how can you ever trust her ??

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