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Sadly, the BBB campaign has ended

Bulls are still maimed for sport, but I hope the campaign helped to raises more awareness for the cruel practice of bullfighting. I am no longer updating this blog. Thanks very much for your support so far. I may occasionally … Continue reading

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Spanish government’s announcement re bullfighting can only mean: Remind them that they act against the people’s will!

While Spain, in fact, the whole of Europe, has been occupied with economic matters, ┬ápolitical developments in the most gruesome past time the country has to offer, have been equally grim. A friend of mine who has lived in Barcelona … Continue reading

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Bogota mayor refuses to fund bullfighting and wants to see art, not death in the arena

Gustavo Petro, the mayor of Bogota, Columbia, has said that wants to close the bullfighting arena in the capital and transform it into an arts centre. Petro, speaking to US broadcaster NTD Television, emphasised that the arena is a public … Continue reading

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New Madrid mayor cheats to fulfil EU criteria and supports bullfighting

Ana Botella has just started her new job as mayor of Spain’s capital Madrid. Surely a good thing, was my first reaction. Mind you, she is the first female mayor in the history of the city! She might stir up … Continue reading

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Video celebrating the Catalonia bullfighting ban

Watch out! Video contains images of animal cruelty. The Spanish animal welfare party PACMA has published this video showing some gruesome footage of bullfights in Barcelona’s Monumental bull ring, now history following the vote in the Catalan Parliament on 28 … Continue reading

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Bullfighting ban in Catalonia marks the beginning of the end of the cruel blood sport

Bullfighting will be banned in Catalonia from 1 January 2012. A truly historic day for all anti-bullfighting campaigners. For that we owe a huge gratitude to the Prou campaign and others who collected a stunning 180,000 signatures, more than twice … Continue reading

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Please vote for a bullfighting ban on

I normally don’t worry too much about opinion polls, especially not if there are random and appear in celeb magazines. But I got slightly worried when I saw that the ‘Should bullfighting be banned?’ poll on the influential US gossip … Continue reading

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Did Matt Damon enjoy the bullfight he went to see in Mexico City?

Why anyone would attend a bullfight just to find out ‘how it really is’ is beyond me. Just watch a clip or two on Youtube and you have a pretty good idea. Maybe someone should have told Matt Damon that … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye Bullfighting announces series of articles by well-known authors

Bye-Bye Bullfighting today kicks off a series of guest blogs about bullfighting. We are proud to present a variety of experts such as veterinarians, lawyers as well politicians, journalists and ex-torreros who describe their experience, with the cruel sport, tell … Continue reading

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Michelito, the child matador by Pilar Rahola

This is not an article about bullfighting, however it describes the killing of bulls. This is an article about childhood, about the violation of a boy’s rights that are exploited commercially and celebrated publicly, about an apathetic administration that sits … Continue reading

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