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Please vote for a bullfighting ban on TMZ.com

I normally don’t worry too much about opinion polls, especially not if there are random and appear in celeb magazines. But I got slightly worried when I saw that the ‘Should bullfighting be banned?’ poll on the influential US gossip … Continue reading

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Did Matt Damon enjoy the bullfight he went to see in Mexico City?

Why anyone would attend a bullfight just to find out ‘how it really is’ is beyond me. Just watch a clip or two on Youtube and you have a pretty good idea. Maybe someone should have told Matt Damon that … Continue reading

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Jordan condemns bullfighting

Commenting on Katie Price’s remarks with regard to bullfighting, Florian Leppla, founder of Bye-Bye Bullfighting said: “I very much welcome Katie Price’s remarks re bullfighting. She is right to call it brutal and barbaric. “It is important that celebrities such … Continue reading

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